Ingrained by Time, Revived as ART.


Located in historic Scott and Crowley, Louisiana, Antique Reclaimed Timber has been gathering old wood for years and is proud to offer reclaimed lumber to everyone. A.R.T. believes in the enchanting materials that built Louisiana. We have taken great pride in preserving reclaimed lumber in order to make it available to custom builders and other believers of fine wood.

We’ve been in the recycling and construction business for over 30 years, and have made lasting connections with our sources for resilient timber. A.R.T. recognizes the potential in the abandoned, and we’ve made it our business to rescue and restore antique wood that is precious to our heritage.


For the past five years, our reclaimed timber has been making a green impact in homes, offices, and businesses across the entire Gulf Coast. Our reclaimed materials have many positive attributes and benefits, and at the end of the day — we smile because we are recycling. A.R.T. has found a way to use the past to build our future … and we are passionate about making a green impact on our environment.